Memory Access Optimizations for High-Performance Computing







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Clary, Jeffrey S. and Kothari, S.C. (1993) Memory Access Optimizations for High-Performance Computing. Technical Report TR93-02, Department of Computer Science, Iowa State University.

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Memory Access Optimizations for High-Performance Computing
TR 93-02
Jeffrey S. Clary        S. C.  Kothari
Iowa State University
Department of Computer Science
Ames, IA 50010
This paper discusses the importance of memory access optimizations
which are shown to be highly effective on the MasPar architecture.
The study is based on two MasPar machines, a 16K-processor MP-1 and
a 4K-processor MP-2. A software pipelining technique overlaps
memory accesses with computation and/or communication. Another
optimization, called the register window technique reduces the
number of loads in a loop.  These techniques are evaluated using three
parallel matrix multiplication algorithms on both the MasPar machines.
The matrix multiplication study shows that for a highly computation
intensive problem, reducing the interprocessor communication can become
a secondary issue compared to memory access optimization.  Also, it
is shown that memory access optimizations can play  a more important
role than the choice of a superior parallel algorithm.
Keywords:  load/store architecture, memory accesses, matrix multiplication,
parallel programming.

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