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Satishkumar, S. (1994) Register Allocation for Accurate Garbage Collection of C++. Technical Report TR94-13, Department of Computer Science, Iowa State University.

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Register Allocation for Accurate Garbage Collection of C++
S. Satishkumar*
M.S. Creative Component
Accurate garbage collection of C++ requires that every
memory location and every register be known to contain either a
pointer or a non-pointer.  In order to minimize the run-time overhead
of tagging memory locations and registers, techniques for partitioning
memory and registers into separate classes dedicated independently to
the representation of pointers and non-pointers respectively have been
developed.  This paper describes the implementation and performance of
a specially designed register allocator for the GNU g++ compiler.
* Portions of this paper were excerpted from "Code Generation
to Support Efficient Accurate Garbage Collection of C++ on Stock
Hardware", a paper currently being prepared for publication
by Kelvin Nilsen, Ravichandran Ganesan, Satish Guggilla, Satish
Kumar, and Kannan Narasimhan.

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