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Tandiary, Fredy, Kothari, Suraj C. and Dixit, Ashish (1995) Design of BATRUN Distributed Processing System. Technical Report TR95-07, Department of Computer Science, Iowa State University.

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Design of BATRUN Distributed Processing System
Fredy Tandiary, Suraj C. Kothari and Ashish Dixit
This paper discusses the design of BATRUN Distributed Processing
System (DPS). We have developed this system to automate the
execution of jobs in a cluster of workstations where machines
belong to different owners. The objective is to use a general
purpose cluster as one massive computer for processing large
applications. In contrast to a dedicated cluster, the scheduling
in BATRUN DPS must ensure that only the idle cycles are used
for distributed computing and local users, when they are operating,
have the full control of their machines. BATRUN DPS has several
unique features: (1) group-based scheduling policy to ensure
execution priority based on ownership of machines, (2) multi-cell
distributed design to eliminate a single point failure as well
as to guarantee better fault tolerance and scalability. The
implementation of the system is based on multi-threading and
remote procedure call mechanism.

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