An Arithmetic Test Suite for Genetic Programming







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Ashlock, Dan and Lathrop, James I. (1996) An Arithmetic Test Suite for Genetic Programming. Technical Report TR96-02, Department of Computer Science, Iowa State University.

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In this paper we explore a number of ideas for enhancing the techniques
of genetic programming in the context of a very simple test environment
that nevertheless possesses some degree of algorithmic subtlety.  We
term this genetic programming environment plus-one-recall-store (PORS).
This genetic programming environment is quite simple having only a pair
of terminals and a pair of operations.  The terminals are the number one
and recall from an external memory.  The operations are a unary store
operation and binary addition, +, on natural numbers.  In this paper
we present the PORS environment, present a mathematical description of
its properties, and then focus on testing the use of Markov chains in
generating, crossing over, and mutating evolving programs.  We obtain a
surprising indication of the correct situations in which to use Markov
chains during evolutionary program induction.

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