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Leavens, Gary T. (1999) Introduction to the Literature On Programming Language Design. Technical Report TR93-01c, Department of Computer Science, Iowa State University.

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Introduction to the Literature On Programming Language Design
Gary T. Leavens
This is an introduction to the literature on programming language
design and related topics.  It is intended to cite the most important
work, and to provide a place for students to start a literature search.
Keywords: programming languages, semantics, type systems,
polymorphism, type theory, data abstraction, functional programming,
object-oriented programming, logic programming,
declarative programming, parallel and distributed programming languages.
1992 CR Categories:
D.1.1 [Programming Techniques] Applicative (Functional) Programming;
D.1.3 [Programming Techniques] Concurrent Programming;
D.1.5 [Programming Techniques] Object-oriented Programming;
D.1.6 [Programming Techniques] Logic Programming;
D.2.2 [Software Engineering] Tools and Techniques --- Modules and interfaces;
D.2.4 [Software Engineering] Program Verification;
D.2.4 [Software Engineering] Program Verification;
D.3.1 [Programming Languages] Formal Definitions and Theory;
D.3.2 [Programming Languages] Language Classifications;
D.3.3 [Programming Languages] Language Constructs and Features;
F.3.1 [Logics and Meaning of Programs] Specifying and verifying
and reasoning about programs;
F.3.2 [Logics and Meaning of Programs] Semantics of Programming Languages;
F.3.3 [Logics and Meaning of Programs] Studies of Program Constructs;
H.2.3 [Database Management] Languages---Database (persistent)
programming languages;
I.2.5 [Artificial Intelligence] Programming Languages and Software.

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