Overlay Caching Scheme for Overlay Networks







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Tran, Minh and Tavanapong, Wallapak (2002) Overlay Caching Scheme for Overlay Networks. Technical Report 02-11, Computer Science, Iowa State University.

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Recent years have seen a tremendous growth of interests in streaming continuous media such as videos over the Internet. This would create an enormous increase in the demand on various server and networking resources. To minimize service delays and loads placed on these resources, we propose an Overlay Caching Scheme (OCS) for overlay networks. OCS utilizes virtual cache structures to coordinate distributed overlay caching nodes along the delivery path between the server and the clients. OCS establishes and adapts these structures dynamically according to clients' locations and request patterns. Compared with existing video caching techniques, OCS offers better performances in terms of average service delays, server load, and network load in most cases in our study.

Keywords:video caching, overlay networks, cache collaboration, video streaming
Subjects:Software: OPERATING SYSTEMS (C)
Software: OPERATING SYSTEMS (C): General
Software: OPERATING SYSTEMS (C): File Systems Management (E.5)
Software: OPERATING SYSTEMS (C): Communications Management (C.2)
Software: OPERATING SYSTEMS (C): Performance (C.4, D.2.8, I.6)
ID code:00000295
Deposited by:Wallapak Tavanapong on 20 January 2003

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