Core Selection with End-to-End QoS Support for Multi-Sender Multimedia Multicast Applications







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Putthividhya, Wanida, Tavanapong, Wallapak, Tran, Minh and Wong, Johnny (2003) Core Selection with End-to-End QoS Support for Multi-Sender Multimedia Multicast Applications. Technical Report TR-03-07, Computer Science, Iowa State University.

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Core-based routing with Quality of Service (QoS) support is essential to facilitate multi-sender multimedia multicast applications such as video conferencing and virtual collaboration applications. In this paper, we introduce (i) a new application-level service class framework that allows group members to indicate their desired service quality easily; (ii) two new core selection protocols that utilize a new primary core selection algorithm to select as many primary cores per multicast group as necessary to maximize the number of group members with satisfied QoS requirements; and (iii) backup core selection algorithms that select good backup cores to enable quick recovery should some primary cores fail. Our analytical experiments show that the proposed protocols significantly satisfy more group members with noticeably less communication overhead than a recent core selection algorithm with QoS support using a single core.

Keywords:Quality of Service, core selection, multicast, core-based routing, multimedia services
Subjects:Computer Systems Organization: COMPUTER-COMMUNICATION NETWORKS
ID code:00000317
Deposited by:Wallapak Tavanapong on 24 March 2006

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