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Clifton, Curtis, Leavens, Gary T. and Wand, Mitchell (2003) Formal Definition of the Parameterized Aspect Calculus. Technical Report 03-12, Dept. of Computer Science, Iowa State University.

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This paper gives the formal definition of the parameterized aspect calculus, or \sigma_asp. The \sigma_asp calculus is a core calculus for the formal study of aspect-oriented programming languages. The calculus consists of a base language, taken from Abadi and Cardelli's object calculus, and point cut description language. The calculus is parameterized to accept a variety of point cut description languages, simplifying the study of a variety of aspect-oriented language features. The calculus exposes a rich join point model on the base language, granting great flexibility to point cut description languages.

Keywords:Parameterized aspect calculus, object calculus, join point model, point cut description language, aspect-oriented programming, AspectJ, advice, HyperJ, hyperslices, DemeterJ, adaptive methods
Subjects:Software: PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES: Formal Definitions and Theory (D.2.1, F.3.1-2, F.4.2-3)
Software: PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES: Language Classifications
Software: PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES: Language Constructs and Features (E.2)
ID code:00000318
Deposited by:Curtis Clifton on 25 October 2003

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