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Pathak, Jyotishman, Koul, Neeraj, Caragea, Doina and Honavar, Vasant (2005) Discovering Web Services over the Semantic Web. In Proceedings 7th ACM International Workshop on Web Information and Data Management, Bremen, Germany.

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This paper describes a framework for ontology-based flexible discovery of Semantic Web services. The proposed approach relies on user-supplied, context-specific mappings from an user ontology to relevant domain ontologies used to specify Web services. We show how a user's query for a Web service that meets certain selection criteria can be transformed into queries that can be processed by a matchmaking engine that is aware of the relevant domain ontologies and Web services. We also describe how user-specified preferences for Web services in terms of non-functional requirements (e.g., QoS) can be incorporated into the Web service discovery mechanism to generate a partially ordered list of services that meet user-specified functional requirements.

Keywords:Semantic Web, Web Service Discovery, Ontologies, Quality of Service
Subjects:Computing Methodologies: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Knowledge Representation Formalisms and Methods (F.4.1)
Computing Methodologies: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Programming Languages and Software (D.3.2)
ID code:00000381
Deposited by:Jyotishman Pathak on 24 August 2005

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