Nu: Enabling Modularity in Multilingual, Multienvironment, Distributed Systems







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Rajan, Hridesh (2005) Nu: Enabling Modularity in Multilingual, Multienvironment, Distributed Systems. Technical Report, Computer Science, Iowa State University.

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The contribution of this work is a novel aspect-oriented programming model that we call Nu. The Nu programming model adds only one new concept, join point dispatch, to the object-oriented programming model. No new programming language constructs are added. The constructs in existing aspect languages are expressed in terms of join point dispatch resulting in a significant simplification of aspect languages. We make two claims about the potential benefits of our approach. First, that it will enable transparent modularization of even those crosscutting concerns that transcend the language and environment boundaries. Second, that it will simplify the AOP language model resulting in the ease-of-use, ease-of-learning, and reduced cost to build supporting tools.

Keywords:Bindings, Classpect, Unified Aspect Language Model
Subjects:Computer Systems Organization: COMPUTER-COMMUNICATION NETWORKS: Distributed Systems
Software: PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES: Language Constructs and Features (E.2)
ID code:00000396
Deposited by:Hridesh Rajan on 16 December 2005

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