Lorentz transformations with arbitrary line of motion







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Iyer, Chandru and Prabhu, G. M. (2007) Lorentz transformations with arbitrary line of motion. European Journal of Physics 28(2):183-190.

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Sometimes it becomes a matter of natural choice for an observer (A) that he prefers a coordinate system of two-dimensional spatial x-y coordinates from which he sees another observer (B) who is moving at a uniform speed along a line of motion, which is not collinear with As chosen x or y axis. It becomes necessary in such cases to develop Lorentz transformations where the line of motion is not aligned with either the x or the y axis. In this paper we develop these transformations and show that under such transformations, two orthogonal systems (in their respective frames) appear non-orthogonal to each other. We also illustrate the usefulness of the transformation by applying it to the rod-slot problem.

Keywords:Lorentz transformation, arbitrary line of motion, two-dimensional space
Subjects:All uncategorized technical reports
ID code:00000478
Deposited by:G.M. Prabhu on 23 February 2007

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