Differing observations on the landing of the rod into the slot







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Iyer, Chandru and Prabhu, G. M. (2006) Differing observations on the landing of the rod into the slot. American Journal of Physics 74(11).

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In the usual rod and slot paradox a rod falls into a slot due to gravity. Many thought experiments have been conducted where the presence of gravity is eliminated with the rod and slot approaching each other along a line joining their centers. In these experiments the line of motion is not parallel to the axis of the rod or the slot. We consider the cases for which the rod falls into the slot and the rod does not fall into the slot, each from the perspective of the co-moving frames of the rod and the slot. We show that if the rod falls into the slot as determined by Galilean kinematics, the same conclusion is valid for relativistic kinematics. Our conclusion emphasizes that the passing (or crashing) of the rod is unaffected by relativistic kinematics. This determination does not depend on the magnitude of the velocity, but only on the proper lengths and the proper angles of the rod and slot with the line of motion.

Keywords:Lorentz transformations, proper angles, rod-slot problem
Subjects:All uncategorized technical reports
ID code:00000529
Deposited by:G.M. Prabhu on 23 February 2007

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