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Submitting technical reports is now much easier than before. This new system does not require copying your technical report to a directory, and does not limit the file formats you can submit. Documents can be uploaded by specifying a web address of their location, or by uploading from your local computer using the HTML upload facility provided in most modern web browsers.

Submitting a Paper

If you have not registered with archives, please send a mail to with the following subject line:


Once you've sent that mail, you'll be mailed back a username and password (this is sent back to the same email address you sent from) that you can use to access the relevant areas of this archive. It is a good idea to write down this username and password somewhere for later reference. This username will allow you to access and edit your documents.

After receiving your username and password

Click on the "Deposit Papers" link on the front page. You will be presented with a login prompt. Enter the username and password provided in the email prompt. Then follow the prompts to continue your submission, if you need further help extensive online help is available.

Contact site administrator at: